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Where To Find Data Science Jobs in Climate Tech

Are you looking to find data science jobs in climate tech? If you are a data scientist looking to move into a more interesting role or an academic scientist looking to make the move to industry there are many data science jobs in climate tech.

In this article we will describe new companies in climate tech where you can use your data science skills to solve interesting problems related to nature tech and nature based solutions.

5 min read 02 Mar, 2023

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Senior Data Science Jobs in Climate Tech

Earthly aims to protect the earth through reforestation and deforestation protection projects.

They are looking for a Research Director in Nature Based Solutions. This is a remote job that can be done from any location within a timezone +-2 hours from UTC.

This role involves developing the projects on the portfolio to help restore nature and support communities most impacted by climate change. Projects to get involved with include Agroforestry in Kenya, Amazon Rainforest protection, Mangrove restoration.

This role requires academic experience and commercial experience with a focus on nature based solutions. Another essential skill is understanding the opportunities and challenges in developing these projects. Some of these include nature protection, restoration and sustainable use projects.

Benefits include a 4 day work week with flexible working hours and a budget for a personalised workspace. You also get parental leave, caregiving leave and future share options.

Earthshot Labs focuses on funding restoration and conservation projects that enhance nature, restore watersheds, increase ecosystem resilience and create local jobs. They are currently advertising for a senior level research job as Chief Data Scientist. This role requires 10 years experience working with machine learning models. However, academic research experience may count towards a portion of this in addition to software development experience.

A PhD in a field such as terrestrial ecology/ecology/biology is required. Experience with land models and geospatial systems is also required. Species distribution modelling is desired together with a comprehensive knowledge of remote sensing data sources and their application to ecological modelling.

The Earth Species is a non profit organisation based in the US focused on research to decode animal communication. They are advertising for a Senior AI Research Scientist. This is very much a job that is open to a former academic.

The role involves developing and applying machine learning techniques, bioacoustics, and ethology and disseminating findings in scientific publications. You will be collaborating on these efforts with other members of the AI team as well as with external biology partners.

The job requires someone with research experience and a track record of achieving results via publications, grants, fellowships, writings, or patents. You should have led research projects, published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at scientific conferences. It is also beneficial to have knowledge in machine learning and skills programming in Python.

Benefits include remote working, medical insurance, a 401k plan, a $4,000 home office stipend and flexible working hours. There are opportunities to collaborate with top biologists and conservation institutions in the field of behavioral ecology. Previous research includes bioacoustic and behavioral ecology fieldwork in Alaska, Monterey Bay in California, and the Congo rainforest.

Data Science Jobs in Climate Tech

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Basecamp Research is a UK based company aiming to combine exploration with biotechnology to discover new compounds in earth's unexplored biodiversity. They have an opening for a Deep Learning Scientist. This role involves working closely with Bioinformaticians, Graph Database Engineers and Machine Learning Scientists to develop new deep learning approaches. This role requires a degree in bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, statistics, biophysics or computer science.

Experience of deep learning applications in a product development or commercial setting is required and strong knowledge of neural network architectures. You will also need experience with Bash and Python and associated frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.

Pivotal Future is a UK based startup using machine learning, drones, acoustic and image sensors to monitor plant and animal life. Species diversity, species abundance, the prevalence of threatened species and the size and cohesion of habitat is monitored. Increases indicated by these can then be represented in a tradable asset. Their pilot sites include degraded forests, agroforestry systems or areas set aside for rewilding.

Pivotal currently has an opening for a Data Scientist for Biodiversity Analysis. The role involves developing data analysis pipelines for pilot sites and translating data into indicators of nature.

In this role you'll need a PhD in a relevant field and experience in handling, analysing and modelling image data. Other experience required includes handling large data sets and experience with computer vision systems. Python, R or Matlab skills and experience in geospatial analysis of large data sets is required too. This role can be part time or full time and is fully remote.

Salo Sciences focuses on protection, restoration and better management of forests. This is achieved through quantifying, mapping and monitoring using satellites, airborne lasers, artificial intelligence and ecological modelling. They are looking for a Forest Carbon Data Scientist to work on a forest carbon mapping and conservation technology system. You will need a PhD related to forest carbon science and fields can include ecology, forestry or carbon project development.

Other requirements include a record of publishing in forest carbon science and skills in statistics or machine learning. Skills in programmatic data analysis and visualization, Python programming skills and experience in remote sensing image analysis. This Data Scientist role is a hybrid role based in San Francisco.

Treevia Forest Technologiesis an innovative startup based in Brazil that uses forest monitoring to more sustainably use natural resources. Treevia provides forest managers with daily information and recommendations through data collected using geographically distributed sensors. They monitor over 100,000 hectares of forest.

Treevia is currently hiring a data scientist. Skills required include knowledge and experience of SQL, R or Python, Git, mathematical modelling, statistics, learning algorithms and agile development. A masters or doctorate in forestry or data science is an advantage.

Data Analyst Jobs

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There are also data science jobs in ecology and field science within climate tech. Dendra Systems uses drones, data and analytics to plant trees and monitor restoration of the earths forests and ecosystems. They are looking for Field Ecologist Leads and Ecologists to collect data on flora and fauna in UAE/Middle East ecosystems. A degree in biology/ecology/botany is required along with experience in ecology field surveys.

Other requirements include knowledge of ecosystems and forest environments with a focus on desert and mangrove ecosystems and of ecosystem restoration. You will need to be able to lead field surveys and have plant identification skills. Programming experience in either MATLAB, Python or R is also required. Dendra Systems is also needed for Data Ecology Analysts.

Requirements for this role are similar to that of the Field Ecologist except GIS and statistical analysis skills are needed. Dendra have previously advertised for Field Data Ecologists and Data Ecology Analysts at their sites in the UK and Australia.

Basecamp Research are looking for a field research scientist to lead expeditions to biodiversity hotspots, to collect samples of microbial diversity. Academic skills required include a background in life sciences or environmental sciences. This can be in ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, molecular ecology, marine studies, geology or climate studies.

Experience is needed in the use of scientific or technical equipment in the field / remote locations and in sampling field work. Desirable experience includes skills in molecular biology or microbiology skills and experience of working with biosecurity, lab administration and permitting.