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Climate Tech Jobs: 10 Sites to Find Jobs in Climate Tech

If you’re interested in a job dedicated to solving global climate change and nature based solutions, you’re not alone. Climate jobs and nature tech jobs are growing at a rapid rate. We've compiled 10 places to find climate tech jobs starting with Nature Tech Jobs.


4 min read 23 Apr, 2023

climate tech jobs

What jobs are in demand in climate tech? There are many opportunities out there for jobs that can help protect the environment and help to fix the climate crisis. One of the fastest-growing industries in the world, climate tech and nature tech require a range of skills to help solve environmental problems. The biggest skills for climate tech jobs today include software development, data science and machine learning.

NatureTech Jobs

At Nature Tech Jobs we are the first software job board to focus on fixing the loss of nature crisis. Naturetech is any innovative application tech or otherwise that can positively impact ecosystems and halt species loss. Naturetech applies satellite monitoring, drone technology, AI, big data, genomic sequencing and blockchain to nature based solutions. Examples include monitoring forests, carbon credits and supply chain transparency.

We have filters for remote jobs, software jobs, data science jobs, design jobs, science and business and marketing jobs. There are many software engineering jobs in nature tech, particularly remote python jobs although there are job opportunities in other languages too. Most of the companies in the nature tech space are innovative startups.

Although there is crossover with climate tech, nature tech exclusively focuses on land and ocean ecosystems. We include climate jobs in areas like carbon credits and carbon capture but at Nature Tech Jobs we focus on naturetech and nature based solutions

General Climate Tech Jobs Sites


climatebase site

Climatebase is one of the largest climate job sites and one of the most visited sites in the climate careers space. They are an established site that focuses on climate jobs in the United States. Climatebase has jobs from across many sectors including climate adaptation, coastal & ocean sinks to energy, good, agriculture & land use and more.

You can also filter by company size, organizational type, role type and drawdown solution (Conservation Agriculture, Tropical Forest Restoration etc). They also have a climate organizations page, listing more than 4000 companies tackling the global climate crisis from all sectors. You can also create a profile on climate base for job seekers to be discovered by climate companies.

Climate Jobs List

Climate Jobs List focuses on jobs in climate change with categories including software engineering and data science. Climate Jobs List isn’t exclusively remote jobs but there is a remote jobs filter. A real strength of this site is that there is more worldwide coverage with jobs across many countries.

One interesting quirk of this site is that they have a job filter for ‘Open Applications’ too. Climate Jobs List includes an area to create a profile for job seekers to be discovered by climatetech companies.

Climate Change Careers

Climate Change Careers is a job board launched in 2020 that is heavily focused on climate change jobs. Many of their jobs are in the US or UK and are government or institutional organization jobs rather than startups but they do have some software roles. There is a filter for remote jobs and for experience level.

Climate Draft

Climate Draft have a job board that focuses on at planet healing startups and is very VC focused, to the extent that they have a filter for the VC funds that have generated jobs. They have a variety of job filters including admin, data science, IT, design, marketing and communications, sales, software engineering and product. They are entirely US focused.

Climate Tech Jobs Communities


ClimateAction.Tech isn’t a job site and advertises itself as a community of tech workers encouraging climate action. They do have a very active jobs channel in their ClimateAction.Tech slack group and some of the newest startups in climate tech advertise jobs in this slack channel. This is an active channel with new jobs being posted all the time and many of them are remote jobs.

Work On Climate

work on climate site

Work on Climate is one of the best information platforms to look at if you're looking to break into climate tech. Work On Climate have a slack group with a jobs channel that you can join. They have a page of curated resources that includes sections for getting a job and climate entrepreneurship. There is a useful link for climate tech ML Companies too which can be found under the Climate and AI starter pack section.

Climate Tech List

Climate Tech List is a new job board that focuses on software jobs in climate tech.

Climate Tech Jobs Recruitment/Resources

Climate People

Climate People is a recruitment site focusing on climate and advertises itself as a growth partner for tackling climate change. Climate People have a job board focusing on software jobs in climate with both remote work and fully remote job filters. The Climate People job board also advertises the salary of many roles listed. is a climate resource and community that aims to get 100 million people working in climate by 2030. has a section for climate jobs, a section listing climate companies and a climate education section for companies and individuals to learn about climate change.

Climate Founder

Climate Founder is a new resources site to help new climate founders. The site includes resources sections for pre-ideas, climate communities, venture programs and capital, startup tools, education and a section for jobs and hiring.

Climate Tech Jobs in Europe


ClimatEU site

ClimatEU is a multi purpose site that serves as a job board for climate tech jobs, as a site for investors to find new climate tech startups and as a site for climate tech companies to find investment. Their climate jobs board has options to filter by startup, investor, consultancies and corporate companies and focuses on climate jobs in Europe. ClimatEU has a climate focus filter too which includes categories like Agriculture, Climate Insights and Forests.

Climate Tech Jobs in Asia

Climate Asia

Climate Asia is a site that focuses on jobs at Asia’s leading organisations/companies/nonprofits in the climate space. The site has a job board and sections for events, organizations and news.

Sustainability Jobs and Resources

For Purpose Jobs

For Purpose Jobs is more of a general sustainability job board that focuses on environmental jobs and social impact jobs at companies solving climate change and social justice. They have filters for carbon capture and offsetting and sustainability, food and agriculture. They have filters for remote (country) and an anywhere remote filter.

Tech Jobs For Good

Tech Jobs For Good is a social impact job board that focuses on environmental and social impact jobs in the US. The site has filters for climate change , environment and food and agriculture in addition to areas like poverty alleviation, water and clean energy. They have job filters for data and analytics, design and UX, product and engineering.


Idealist is another social impact board that has a focus on education and non-profits. The site includes filters for environment and sustainability and climate change. Their job filter is very large and includes everything from database administration to marketing, research and IT and much more.

SDG Careers

SDG Careers focuses on social impact jobs supporting the sustainable development goals at mission driven companies and organizations. These goals include Life on Land; aimed to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, Life Below Water; aimed to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development and Climate Action; aimed to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Remote Climate Tech Jobs

Remote Impact

Remote Impact is a job board that focuses on remote jobs with social impact. They feature companies that are leading the fight against climate change, transforming healthcare and eradicating poverty. Remote Impact has a main job category filter that includes options for climate action, oceans and land and their job type filter includes remote software jobs and data science jobs. Most of the jobs are based in the United States.