Hire Candidates In Nature Tech

Data Scientist, Research Scientist

I have 6+ years doing data science work in various capacities, including at the non-profit, government, and academic level. I have many applied skills including machine learning, geospatial analysis, natural language processing, as well as general data acquisition (i.e. web scraping), cleaning, and analysis. I use a variety of coding environments including R, python, and SQL. I have 20 scientific publications with around 300 citations. I'm looking to break into industry, preferable ecology/nature/conservation company but open to any company. I am currently employed but will be looking for work starting April 2023.

Project Manager / Climate / Sustainability / Data

Accomplished the development of the conservation and international network to enforce sustainable & climate change actions. I have experience with data management and interpretation using spatial climate data. As a biologist, I step further in my ambitions to engage corporations in a global solution to reduce their impacts on climate change. I recently completed the University of Oxford program in Leading Sustainable Corporation. I am looking for a sustainability or climate job, project manager, consultant, and/or associate. Remote or hybrid in the Bay Area.

Product Designer

I'm looking for a senior product designer role within a Web3 context.

Data Scientist

I am currently looking for my first job opportunity within an organization that would allow me to apply the knowledge I have acquired around the world of data. I am interested in testing myself in a position as Data Scientist or Analyst, where I can improve myself and continue adding both professional and personal skills.

Geospatial Data Scientist

Environmental Engineer with a Master's in Earth System Science currently working as a geospatial data scientist with the Spatial Informatics Group (SIG). As a research associate through my work with NASA SERVIR, I have conducted geospatial trainings in Peru and Ecuador, coordinated geospatial services for the Amazonia and Mekong hubs, provided technical support for the development of geospatial tools, performed research in different areas including: land use and land cover dynamics, hydrology, and crop mapping; and contributed to the SAR Handbook by developing tutorial scripts in Google Earth Engine, Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colab. https://github.com/apuzzi https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrea_Puzzi_Nicolau Twitter: @puzzinicolau

Software Engineer / Technical Writer

I'm a senior software engineer with strong skills in Java, TypeScript, Python, HTML/CSS, Svelte, and Node.js. I'm also a strong writer of all things technical, including design specifications, software patents, and instructional writing. I have medium skill with MySQL/PostgreSQL and Android and some skill with Flutter/Dart. My former skills include XML standards, C/C++, and embedded systems. I also have a background in spider taxonomy and experience developing online platforms for conservation research. I’m looking for software development that offers opportunity to grow my academic knowledge, such as of science, math, algorithms, or protocols. I’m a diligent, motivated-to-please person who thrives on analytic challenges and loves problem solving and technical writing—two activities that I find connected. You’ll want me for thoughtful work such as writing clear specs or efficient code. I prefer to write production code in statically typed languages. Available mid-October.

Senior Research Scientist

I have over 30 years experience in ecological and human health risk assessment, environmental modeling, ecosystem services, planetary boundaries, socioecological systems, biomimicry. I work at the intersection of science and policy, and explore the ways in which natural systems support human well-being. Also interested in how our financial and economic systems fit (or not) with natural systems, e.g., financial incentives for nature and biodiversity conservation.

I am PhD research scholar.

I am working on the taxonomy, barcoding and genomics of crustose coralline algae from coral reef ecosystems of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

PhD Hydrogeologist specializing in data analysis, data science, scientific computing, and research.

Hydrogeologist with teaching, data analysis and scientific computing skills, and a proven capacity to conduct independent and collaborative research. Experienced processing data and collaborating with teams and stakeholders. Leverages engineering PhD and training to create solutions, models, reports, visualizations, training, and dashboards. 15 years experience using ArcGIS, Python, SQL.

Geneticist and bioinformatician with experience in tricky systems

For over a decade, I have developed and applied genetic resources and bioinformatics pipelines in non-model systems. I have extensive experience with read mapping, variant calling, and adapting software and pipelines for species with limited resources. I code in R and Python and am at home in high-performance computing environments. The next step in my career will leverage my experience in plant genetics to improve crop resources for a changing world. I am especially excited about developing resources for breeding and improving under-supported species.

Assistant Professor

A Professional Environmental Sociologist who does research on a wide range of topics including agro-food systems, social perceptions of environmental problems, human-induced environmental degradation, the social distribution of environmental hazards, natural disasters and environmental sustainability.

PhD Ecologist open to Data Science/Analyst roles

8+ years’ experience utilizing scientifically rigorous research methods and statistical analysis to direct data-driven decision-making. PhD in Quantitative Ecology monitoring and modelling invasive willows in south-eastern Australia. Included data collection from seven countries, remote field work, and lab experiments. Strong background in human biology and statistics. 5+ years’ experience managing various STEM programs for start-ups, online and in-person, related to eco-product e-commerce, women's events, crypto-technology, eco-community operations, and animal welfare. Self-motivated, curious, sociable. Impact-driven. An enthusiastic learner.

Product Manager

I am a seasoned Product Manager with 3+ years as a Product Writer and <1year as an actual PM, managing reallife products with a cross-functional team. As a PM, Users are always at the centre of it all. I also strongly believe that the health of my team has a great reflection on the health of the products we build! I treat and love my team as myself https://msha.ke/officialhow

Looking for my next climate job in an innovative startup | Climate tech enthusiast & environmental engineer

I'm a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering, with 1 year and a half of experience in Environmental Management, Solid Waste, Environmental Education and Conservation of Natural Resources. I'm interested in assitant or intership climate job in an innovative startup.Since I always believed that change begins with oneself, I'm a co-founder of the Urmata Project, which was dedicated to raising awareness and raising awareness for the protection of the environment through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Ph.D. Candidate

I am a Ph.D. candidate studying the largest eruptions on our planet. I use textural and geochemical data to understand what the magma systems that fed these eruptions looked like prior to eruption. I am interested in data science, data visualization, geoscience education, conservation, mapping, and improving diversity in the geosciences. I have experience with python, pandas, data visualization (matplotlib, seaborn), data collection (LA-ICPMS, SEM-EDS), ArcGIS, R, project management, and mentoring students.

Marine/Field Biologist

I am interested in marine biology/ genera biology fieldwork. I have worked with animals in all of my jobs since I have graduated but want to work more with wildlife and/or conservation. I have experience in field data collection and using said information to formulate research.

Ecologist and Data Scientist

I am a behavioral ecologist and emerging data scientist with seven years of quantitative research experience and recent expertise in data analysis, statistics, and programming. I am looking for roles that allow me to find patterns in noisy, messy datasets and develop multidimensional programming solutions to solve complex problems. I also strive to maintain a healthy balance of outdoor activities, curating my indoor plants and traveling to exciting destinations.

Electronics Engineering / Project management / Sustainability

I am currently working as a hardware engineer for a telecoms/cyber security company, I enjoy my current role, but I am looking for a new challenge. I am a lover of technology, aswell as anything infrastructure related. Out of work I am passionate about the environment and love all things outdoors. I am a keen cyclist and rock climber; while enjoying hiking, camping & the ocean. I'm not necessarily looking for another engineering role, I just want to be able to feel really passionate about what I do and feel that I can make a difference.

Data Engineer

Data and back-end engineer interested in working in the political or climate space in an organization that cares about making a meaningful impact.

Enviromental Biologist

I am an environmental biology graduate, interested in conservation biology and ecology.