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How to Find a Software Engineer Job in Climate Change

There are many software engineer jobs across many industries. But how many are truly interesting and make a difference? The world is facing a huge challenge from climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss. These are problems that need solving now not in the future. But what other kind of environmental companies and jobs are out there in software and data engineering and what specific skills are required?

4 min read 02 Mar, 2023

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Here we focus on data engineer jobs, software engineer jobs and machine learning jobs in naturetech. Naturetech is a subset of climate tech and nature based solutions. Naturetech focuses on tech that can halt species loss and environmental degradation such as carbon credits, deforestation and supply chain monitoring.

Software Engineer Jobs In Remote Sensing

Earthshot Labs

Earthshot Labs applies ecology and machine learning to global ecosystem restoration. They use ecological simulation and modelling techniques to provide insights on land restoration outcomes. They have a portfolio of forest restoration and forest conservation projects worldwide. The aim of these projects is to enhance biodiversity, restore watersheds, increase ecosystem resilience and increase income for local communities. Through these nature based solutions you can fight against climate change as a software engineer at Earthshot Labs.

Earthshot Labs is based in the United States and all roles are 100% remote. They currently have openings for Data Engineers and Machine Learning Ops Engineers and a Front End Developer. Their Data/ML Engineer tech stack is Python, APIs, SQL and noSQL, big data, machine learning skills and devops. They are looking for React skills for Front End Developers.


Satelligence is a remote sensing company based in the Netherlands. Satelligence use AI powered predictive satellite monitoring, remote sensing, local knowledge and field trips to monitor land use changes. This technology is applied to monitor deforestation, supply chains, carbon and biodiversity.

Satelligence are currently hiring for a Full Stack Developer. They use a stack that includes TypeScript in Svelte on Google Firebase and Google Cloud Platform in Python. They hire remotely within the UTC+1 timezone.

Open Earth

Open Earth might be the only one on this list to be a non-profit. They use blockchain, AI and the internet of things to increase ecosystem resilience and respond to planetary threats. Their projects include Open Climate, Open Solar and the Ocean Program. Open Earth are based in the US and hire remotely.

Open Climate is an open source climate accounting platform designed to work towards emission reductions in fighting climate change. Open Solar is a network for decentralized solar financing. The Ocean Program uses tech to increase transparency and resilience in ocean ecosystem services, fishing and against illegal activity. Working on these platforms is a great way to fight climate change as a software engineer at Open Climate.

Open Earth are currently hiring for a Climate Data Engineer and a Web3 Engineer. Data Engineer requirements include Python, R, Matlab, SQL, Machine Learning and AI tools (Tensorflow) and GIS.

The Web3 Engineer role requires skills in Decentralized Identifier frameworks, basic DeFi, experience with smart contracts and Solidity or Rust knowledge. The Web3 Engineer role also requires some knowledge of skills in their tech stack (React, Node.js, Go, Python and MongoDB), DevOps, Machine Learning experience, CI/CD flows of Web3 appplications, and Test Driven Development skills.

Software Engineer Jobs In Carbon Markets

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If you’re interested in carbon markets you could work for a company like Sylvera. Sylvera develops machine learning tools to track the performance of carbon offsets. They apply machine learning to satellite data to quantify the amount of carbon stored in landscapes. The data from this is then given to customers.

Within their engineering team Sylvera is on the lookout for Back End Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers. Their tech stack includes Node.JS, TypeScript, Express, SQL, AWS and JSON APIs for Back End Engineers. For Data Engineers the stack is Python, Docker, CI/CD tools, SQL and Machine Learning skills. Sylvera are based in the UK and hire remotely.


Pachama is an AI powered marketplace for carbon removal credits. They also use remote sensing and AI, harnessing satellite imagery with artificial intelligence to measure carbon captured in forests. Through their marketplace, responsible companies and individuals can connect with carbon credits from projects that are protecting and restoring forests worldwide. Working for Pachama is a great way to fight climate change as a software engineer.

Pachama is currently looking for Data Engineers, Senior Software Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers. Their tech stack includes React, TypeScript and Python. Pachama is based in the US and hires remotely.

Single Earth

Single.Earth takes a crypto approach to carbon credits. They are attempting to tokenize nature. Instead of linking carbon credits to the sale of forests they are attempting to link carbon credits to crypto tokens. Single Earth is currently looking for Front End Developers and Back End Developers.

Their tech stack includes HTML, CSS, TypeScript and Angular for Front End Developers. For Back End Developers the stack is Golang, SQL and noSQL, Postgres, Redis and crypto and smart contract experience. Single Earth are based in Estonia and hire remotely.

Software Engineer Jobs In Biotech

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Colossal Biosciences

Colossal Biosciences is a bioscience and biotechnology company specialising in genetic engineering with goals to restore nature's ancestral heartbeat. Colossal Biosciences is a de-extinction company and their focus is on extinct species restoration and protection of critically endangered species. They have got a lot of coverage in the media for their plans to resurrect the Woolly Mammoth. Colossal Biosciences are based in the US and hire remotely.

One of the core products of Colossal Biosciences is a software platform to support Bioinformatics analysis. They are currently hiring for an Engineering Manager in Backend Services and a Software Product Manager. They have previously hired Backend Engineers, Golang Developers, DevOps Engineers and Frontend Engineers.

Their Backend tech stack consists of Go, Golang, Google Cloud, Terraform, PostgresSQL and NextFlow. Their Frontend tech stack includes React, Next.js and TypeScript.

Fauna Bio

Fauna Bio is a biotech company that uses drug discovery to find secrets in animal genomes that improve human health. They focus on discovering genes and researching traits in animals that provide disease protection that relate well to human genes. FaunaBio are not currently hiring but have previously hired data engineers to work on their data management systems and platforms. FaunaBio are based in the US and their stack includes Python, AWS, PostgresSQL and MongoDB.