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Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics, a pioneering force in the realm of hi-definition genomics, has harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology to unlock the hidden wisdom concealed within our soil, fostering both soil health and planetary well-being. At the intersection of genomics, soil science, and machine learning, Trace Genomics forges a path towards delivering targeted, database-driven insights and actionable solutions at the intersection of cost, speed, scale, and precision. Their unique approach caters to partners who champion modern farming solutions with a clear vision of achieving a net-zero food production system. In an arena where most offerings provide only partial insights, Trace Genomics differentiates itself by offering a holistic and precise understanding of soil composition. Their in-depth analysis extends beyond the soil's physical properties and chemistry, delving into its biology as well. Recognized for their groundbreaking work, Trace Genomics has garnered several accolades and awards, including their selection as a 2020 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, victory in FoodShot Global's Innovating Soil 3.0 Challenge, inclusion in Forbes' Top 25 Most Innovative AgTech companies, THRIVE's Top 50 AgTech list, a place in the 2022 Global Cleantech top 100 startups, and many more prestigious honors. Trace Genomics remains at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture and environmental sustainability.

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