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Cervest, a pioneering force in climate intelligence, introduces its groundbreaking CI platform, driven by the transformative Earth Science AI™ technology. This platform serves as a vital resource for enterprises, governments, and financial institutions, facilitating the connection and de-risking of decisions concerning critical assets such as hospitals, data centers, airports, warehouses, and investments. At the core of Cervest's offerings is EarthScan™, the flagship CI product adorned with Cervest climate risk ratings. Decision-makers harness this powerful tool to conduct in-depth analyses of climate risks and opportunities across millions of global assets, concurrently exploring multiple emissions scenarios, time horizons, and climate hazards. These hazards encompass heat stress, drought, wildfire, flooding, and precipitation. Cervest's mission extends beyond analysis to action. By enabling the assessment, reevaluation, and reinforcement of every built and natural capital asset for climate resilience, Cervest spearheads the creation of a transformative Climate Intelligence Network™. This network, in turn, catalyzes a cascade of climate-aligned decisions, safeguarding our planet's most precious assets. Cervest empowers its clients to proactively adapt and mitigate climate-related challenges, shaping a more secure and resilient future for the world's most valuable resources.

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