Software Engineer / Technical Writer

I'm a senior software engineer with strong skills in Java, TypeScript, Python, HTML/CSS, Svelte, and Node.js. I'm also a strong writer of all things technical, including design specifications, software patents, and instructional writing. I have medium skill with MySQL/PostgreSQL and Android and some skill with Flutter/Dart. My former skills include XML standards, C/C++, and embedded systems. I also have a background in spider taxonomy and experience developing online platforms for conservation research. I’m looking for software development that offers opportunity to grow my academic knowledge, such as of science, math, algorithms, or protocols. I’m a diligent, motivated-to-please person who thrives on analytic challenges and loves problem solving and technical writing—two activities that I find connected. You’ll want me for thoughtful work such as writing clear specs or efficient code. I prefer to write production code in statically typed languages. Available mid-October.

Remote Only

Charlottesville, VA

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